Our company cares about the well being and growth of the clients we work with by having a positive and
encouraging work environment. Designers are able to work in groups and/or take charge of projects on their own.
We work daily to improve our effectiveness within our company as well as in the interaction we have with other
organizations. GeoffBDesign's involvement in brand identity, marketing and production with our current projects
will be an asset in understanding and executing new design projects from beginning to end.

GeoffBDesign is a Non-Profit Organization

Company Name:

Company Officials:

Geoffrey Bachelder - Chief Executive Officer / Designer
Aga Bachelder - Chief Information Officer / Designer

Other Business Associates/Designers/Consultants:
Jessica Ahl - Consultant/Designer jessicaahl.com

Past Projects:
Thesis Project patenting and full production of Table
Videography with Justin O'Neill with Red Cameras
Design competitions
Marketing Biscotti business
Marketing spine aligner